Our motivation

We released our fist single on 21.12.2012, the day the world was going to end. The idea came after the thought that everything would begin anew. A new chapter in the evolution of man and in history. What could be better than launching a label on that day? KlangWild is an electronic music label based in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We consider ourselves a small and personal underground label. Underground and independent with conviction. Klangwild is independent and that makes us flexible regarding releases. Techno is definitely the general drift, but has already been complemented with various sub-styles. We try to keep it clubby and groovy. Minimum and maximum is KlangWilds Motto. The right backdrop for any hour, the sound track to the night. The more colourful, the better, just like our music. Lounge and Down-Beat is also a running theme for us, following the formula "Let the Party begin", because there are so many moments in need of good music. Whether bar or lounge, atmosphere is always significant. That's to say that creating quiet and chilled out moods is just as important to us as loud hard-hitting sounds.

We work with creative and motivated artists, promoters, other labels and booking agencies.

Music is the motor that lets us get through the everyday. Electronic music is a permanent institution that combines art and talent. We do our best to contribute to the subculture and to feature good and worthwhile music.

Facebook etc.
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Our songs can be found in all the usual internet shops. CDs and vinyls only on request and in limited edition.

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